Getting Your House Ready for the Market in the Spring

Getting Your House Ready for the Market in the Spring

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to selling and buying houses. Every spring home buyers flood the market in response to the slow pace of the winter and holiday months. In response, home sellers begin listing their picturesque houses with blooming flower beds and luscious lawns early in the Spring.

While both of these factors should lead to quick the quick close and a happy home seller the reality is quite different. While listing your house in the Spring is hugely advantageous, there are a few disadvantages that could set you back if you’re not properly prepared.

The Misconception About Selling Your Home in the Spring

While the influx of buyers and hungry home shoppers amps up the traffic to your newly listed home, participating in the real estate rat race that begins in the spring can be tiresome and difficult. If you have been holding off for the “busy” season, be sure to list your home sooner rather than later! Hungry buyers are out now looking to get a jump start on the busy season. If you’re a home seller there is no reason you shouldn’t be listing your home now rather than later.

Spring Cleaning Before Your List Your Home

Get your house cleaned up and ready for the busy season ahead of time! Waiting for spring break or memorial day weekend to finally get started on those few last home repairs or that lawn work is going to put you back considerably. Make sure your house is in tip top shape early in the season to make sure your home stands out to potential buyers early on. 

Don’t Wait for the Home Inspector

In fact, you can hire a home inspector to help identify early problems that may pop up during the real inspection. Fixing problems before the home inspection is usually cheaper and more cost effective in the long run. 

Get the Right Housing Comps Before Going on the Market

Be sure that you’re not pricing your home just above last years highest selling price point. While that is an indicator of how the market may behave, chances are you’re going to be out of most buyers price ranges. Setting an accurate and fair price early in the season will prevent mid-summer hardships and drastic price drops. Not to mention, a fair listing price is one of the leading factors of a home’s sale success. That is why you need to find the right agent who has the experience and knowledge of pricing in your area.

Hire a Seasoned Realtor

Experienced realtors know the market, this isn’t their first spring so to speak. Finding a realtor with established marketing channels, local experience and proven results will make the entire process that much smoother. Realtors understand the market needs and anticipations before they happen, shop around for realtors before settling on one. Chances are an experienced realtor will stand out from the rest of the pack, and will correctly be able to price your home before listing it on the market. A seasoned agent will be able to assess and accurately be able to price your home correctly.

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