Los Angeles 2016 El Niño Update

Sherman Oaks and Studio City homes are starting to experience the early signs of El Niño. Weather forecasters are predicting that the 2016 El Niño is going to surpass that of the ’97-’98 storm that terrorized Southern California almost two decades ago. As El Niño starts to bring in heavy rain, 2016 is predicted to mark the biggest El Niño yet.

El Niño’s Pending Rain

Weather forecasters first started casting projections in early October of 2015, thus far Los Angelites are somewhat surprised at how sunny it has been. With a few heavy storms gracing Los Angeles county in early January, the last few weeks have seen nothing but sunshine. 

Rong-Gong Lin II, from the LA Times, reports that Los Angeles is only currently seeing about 64% of it’s usual rainfall. On the contrary, Northern California is being heavily inundated with rain and week longs storms. While early El Niño predictions claimed that Southern California would be the primary target, 2016 has shown quite a different pattern as the north gets bombarded. Meteorologist attest that the heavy rain and snowfall is independent of El Niño. In fact, California still has the worst to endure as El Niño makes it way up the coast. 

Back-to-Back Storms

According to the LA Times, this nice weather won’t last. The end of January is going to bring increased jet stream pressure from the south. The increase in pressure should mark the beginning of heavy storms and back-to-back rainy days. The good news? Los Angeles residents still have a few more days to begin their El Niño prep.

Prepare for the Worst

While this is not the first time we have been told to expect heavy rain, it may be the first time we actually have to deal with it. If you haven’t already, be sure to read my article on “Preparing Your Home for El Niño.” When the rain begins to fall, home preparations will make all the difference when trying to minimize the negative effects of El Niño.

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