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Planting Your Summer Garden

It's time to prepare for summer in the San Fernando Valley and that means it's time to start spring cleaning, booking vacations and planning your summer yard. We all know that mapping out a yard design can be quite daunting, and that is why Matt Epstein sat down with Andrew of GLD Greenscape Landscape + Design. Andrew is a local expert specializing in landscape planning, designing and installation. This week on Real Talk with Matt Epstein, Andrew shares some insider knowledge on how to get the most out of your Summer Planting. 

What is unique about planting in the San Fernando Valley? 

The San Fernando Valley gets extremely hot in the summer, and since rainfall and water are scarce a lot of valley residents have begun looking to drought tolerant planting solutions for their home gardens. For most this also means lower energy costs, a beautiful yard and an eco-happy home. 

However, Andrew shares some insight for those of us first starting our drought tolerant landscapes. Drought Tolerant does not mean desert. While many Valley residents think switching their landscape style means settling for dry cacti and monotone plants, they're wrong. For some drought tolerant implies a Palm Springs like terrain, Andrew assures us it's much more similar to the Mediterranean. Think Italian Villa.

What is Drought Tolerant landscaping? 

So, you don't have to plant ALL cacti. What can you plant? The main goal for a drought tolerant landscape is to introduce plants that are comfortable with low levels of humidity and rainfall. While local flora can make up a large population of the plants that fall into this category, don't be afraid to look outside the local net for more unique combinations and aesthetic fits. Succulents, palms and cacti are some of the better-known drought tolerant plants.

What are some other drought tolerant plants that aren't succulents?

Andrew suggests looking at the huge variety of plants that require a minimum amount of water to survive. In particular, lavender, sage, salvia, larger grasses and even iceberg roses are all plants that flourish AND look beautiful in the dry, summer heat. 

Andrew also suggests creating a New England / Cottage Garden. These dedicated sections of your yard attract birds, butterflies, bees and other wonderful things that encourage growth and maintain the overall health of your plants and your yard's ecosystem. Don't forget to do your part!

Where do I shop for Drought Tolerant plants? 

Now, you know what you need to build the perfect yard, but where do you get it? San Fernando Valley is littered with nurseries. From Home Depot to the wholesale nurseries in the valley, San Fernando Valley is full of options to create a beautiful summer yard.

The biggest difference between the varieties of nurseries is price, convenience and selection. While the more "typical" plants may be available at the local hardware store, finding the perfect touch for your landscape design may take a little more digging, especially if you're working on a budget. Which means finding the perfect match for your aesthetic and budget will take some work.

Andrew filled us in on a little insider secret. Wholesale nurseries. The valley is apparently lined with wholesale nurseries ready to let go of plants at a good bargain. He recommends following the power lines in the San Fernando Valley and there often times you will find many wholesale nurseries. Other than that, it just takes a little know-how and a little hunting to find the perfect plants to fill your yard.

Planning your Landscape Design

Now that you've started shopping around and planning the basic needs of your garden, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty -- landscape design. The most important rule when designing your landscape is to design it around your life. That means planning ahead for your favorite summer activities. Will you and your family spend time kicking around the soccer ball? How about hosting summer BBQs? Maybe, you plan to enjoy some quiet R&R in your personal paradise. Either way, the core success of your landscape design should stem from your lifestyle. Plan accordingly to fully enjoy your new beautiful garden.

Should You Hire a Professional? 

The answer to this is going to vary, but what you can be certain of is this: Landscape planning, designing, installing and upkeep are a lot of work, especially for the novice planter. Before moving ahead with your plan, consider having a landscape designer offer you a free consultation. With today's technology, Residents can view 3D markups of their landscape design.

Remember, Los Angeles is not in a desert, so you have options. If you're trying to reduce your water bill or create a drought tolerant landscape, be sure to look into removing grass, adding mulch or planting drought-friendly plants that enjoy the dry Los Angeles landscape. When you're finally ready to start planting your summer landscape, be sure to give Andrew a call at GLD for the best Greenscape Landscape + Design.

GLD Greenscape Landscape + Design recently won the Houzz Customer Service Award based on their excellent reviews. Be sure to check the GLD website for more information about landscape design and planting your summer garden

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