To Stage or Not To Stage

To Stage or Not To Stage

When it comes time to put your home on the market there are dozens of decisions that need to be made. From choosing a realtor to closing the deal, home sellers have to assess the pros and cons of every decision. Among these decisions, the presentation of your home plays a critical role of the final sale. So, what are the benefits of home staging?

The Ins & Outs of Home Staging

The first impression matters most. Nothing is more captivating for potential home buyers than the feeling of “this is home.” Professional home stagers create an environment that feels like home. Creating an emotional and personal bond between the buyers and the space is the ultimate goal. 

Unfortunately, home staging is a lot different than self-decorating. Personal items that have lived in the space for years tend to just clutter and distance buyers from the space. Professional home stagers know how to make drastic and necessary changes to create the perfect room. With the intention of marketing to a specific demographic, stagers remove up to half of the furniture from any given room in order to create the ideal setting. 

How about wear and tear? Home owners tend to become accustomed to seeing a knick here or a knick there. A fresh eye guarantees every inch of your home is spotless and perfect. Not to mention, professional stagers understand the traffic patterns and lightning necessary to best show off your space to future buyers. 

So what does all of this mean? Staging a home can help sell your home for a higher price in a shorter time. Presenting the perfect home to future buyers helps them to envision the space as their own; or if you would… a place to call their home. 

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