Sportsman's Lodge Adds a Landing

Studio City is getting a big revamp over at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City. The mid-century, historic landmark is demolishing it’s 61,000sqft events center to build a high-end retail space dubbed Sportsmen’s Landing.

The new space is honing in on the high-end shopping experience and they’ve brought in a big architect to make sure the design fits the bill. Sportsmen’s Landing will display unique neighborhood architecture alongside the iconic Sportsmen’s Lodge. According to the Sportsmen’s Landing developers, the new area will be “one of the finest high-profile centers in Southern California.” They plan to create an upscale shopping experience and the atmosphere to match.

What’s In Store for Studio City
Sportsmen’s Landing will come fully equipped with five restaurant locations, an equinox gym and 38,000sqft of TBD retail space. Alongside the commercial amenities, Sportsmen’s Landing will feature water displays, numerous activities and children’s play areas to add to the upscale atmosphere.

Local Residents Voice Concerns
The large development project has stirred up a local discussion about the practicality of such an attractive destination. Studio City’s local residents that have some serious concerns about the new space’s parking accommodations and traffic access. The size of Sportsmen’s Landing alone is enough to draw in thousands of visitors a day. Not to mention, the 30,000sqft Equinox gym that will become a daily destination for locals. With such eager plans, the planned 445 parking spaces seems inadequate for the potential volume of soon to be visitors.

The Silver Lining: Economic Opportunity
Not all is lost, though. Local real estate agent, Matt Epstein says that this is a great opportunity for local businesses in the Studio City neighborhood. The addition of five high-end restaurants, huge commercial space and an upscale gym will draw thousands of visitors a day. It isn’t a surprise that Sportsmen’s Landing is going to bring a big boost to Studio City’s commercial district.

Sportsmen’s Landing is currently seeking new residents to fill out the high-end shopping center. Before you go, check out the digital models of the new Sportsmen’s Lodge here.


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