7 Things Every New Homeowner Needs to Do

So, you just bought a house? Congratulations! Owning a home is a very exciting, and nerve racking, experience. If you’ve already closed escrow or are about to, that means you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Cheers! Celebration is in order, but before you start planning your house warming party, there are still a few things you NEED to do in order to set your new home up for success.

Homeowners Insurance

If you haven’t already, you need to purchase homeowners insurance. This will protect your home from a multitude of issues including break-ins, some natural disasters, theft and more. For $300 - $1000/year you will be able to rest easy knowing that your home is protected. 

Don’t forget, if you live in California, most homeowners insurance policies do not protect against floods. This year in Los Angeles will be particularly rainy because of the pending El Niño storms. It is important that you ask your policy holder about adding flood insurance to your homeowners policy. 

Change the Locks

This one gets forgotten more often than not. Change your locks! When you get a new home make sure all of the deadbolts are secure and replaced with locks that only YOU have a key for. If the house has been on the market for a while, that means all kinds of realtors and guests have been stopping by to check out your house. That also means it’s time to update your locks!

Home Security System

One of the best pieces of mind homeowners can have is knowing that their home is protected even when they’re not home. Investing in a home security system will keep your house safe and guarded all the time. Most security systems directly contact the local authorities in case of a break in or fire. Modern home security systems also boast a list of features including things like remote surveillance, timed thermostats and more. Contact your local security company to figure out which package is best for you! 

Find a Handyman

Whether you bought that fixer-upper or that dream home, you’re going to need a handyman. Maybe it’s simple work like fixing a leaky faucet or more drastic like insulating the attic, either way it’s always good to ask friends and neighbors for a good handyman that you can save for the right time. Hiring contractors can get expensive, a good handyman is usually the perfect man for those one-off jobs. 


Did your new home come with a glorious garden? How about a luscious lawn? Landscaping takes care and attention to get the best results that keep your house looking fresh. If you have the time, prepare yourself for Saturdays in the yard cutting, watering and planting. Otherwise, find a good landscaper to take care of the basics. For a couple bucks a month you can keep your yard looking great and your Saturdays open. 

Switch the Utilities

Your real estate agent probably talked to you about this, or maybe you vaguely remember a friend telling you to switch over your utilities. Either way, it needs to happen. Simply call your local municipal office and let them know you are the new owner of the home. They will take care of the actual switching and billing for you.

Forward Your Mail

It’s time to make your move-in official. Let the local post office know that you’re address is changed. For a nominal processing fee, USPS will begin forwarding all of your mail to your new home. It’s usually good to do this step before you’ve actually moved in. Either way, this is the final step in making sure you’re new home is setup for success! 


Did we miss anything? Have a suggestion for other tips to new homeowners? Contact Matt Epstein and share your home buying tips! 


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