Is Home Security at the Top of Your Holiday Wish List?

It’s the holiday season and that means shopping, vacations, trips to see your relatives and friends and of course Holiday guests… which adds up to a whole lot of distractions. And not to rain on your holiday parade, I want to remind you about home security during this holiday season. The holiday’s are a particularly busy season for burglars… They’re counting on you being distracted as a great time for them to look for cash and those valuables hiding in your closet. This Holiday checklist will help prepare your home for a safe and happy holiday season. 

Holiday Home Security Checklist

Lock Your Doors & Windows. First and foremost, lock your doors and windows. The easiest way for an intruder to enter your home is through your front door.

Get Motion Sensor Lights. Having a well lit home helps with more than just creeps hiding in the night. Lighting your yard and driveway can help you see obstacles and animals when pulling in your car at night. 

Get Your Packages Delivered to the Office. If you can re-route your packages consider having them sent to your office to ensure their safe delivery. Or have a neighbor hold onto your deliveries until you get home. 

Check Your Deadbolts. Make sure all your locks are sturdy and sound. Right now might be the perfect time to replace that old loose deadbolt you’ve been meaning to fix. 

Put Valuables in the Trunk. Literally and figuratively. Hiding valuables in your trunk while you’re out shopping will keep them out of sight and out of mind. Also, hiding expensive and big gifts out of the line of view will help deter any curious burglars passing by. 

Get an Alarm. Alarms are a great way to keep your home protected at all times. Alarm systems can be setup to monitor your home’s doorways, windows, temperature and more. Plus, the centralized monitoring system makes sure that your home is always under protection. 

If you’re going out of town,

Put Your Lights on Timers. Having the lights turn on and off throughout your vacation will help deter criminals that might be scoping out their next target. 

Call A Friend. Have a friend collect your mail and check on the house. You could even consider having a close neighbor or a relative house sit while you are away. 

Remove Your Spare Key. Nobody needs to get in and out of your house while you’re gone. And burglars sure aren’t fooled by your door mat hiding spot. Give the key to a friend in case of emergencies and bring your set with you.

Remember Stay Safe and Have a Happy Holiday